1. Quite possibly the best homemade pasta I’ve ever had…at Cucina Rustica. So. Good.

  2. What I’ve been eating lately! Yum! <3

  3. Life is good in this moment, feeling strong. It was my first full day back at work, I think I deserve one of these!!!

  4. This pizza deserves a post of its own!

  5. Delicious food, three courses at Bocce in Cottonwood. Bocce Balls, Beet and Arugula Salad, and Margherita Pizza :)

  6. Some stuff that is growing in my garden! I have Chard, Lettuces, Strawberries, Green Beans, Jalapenos, Tomatoes, Cilantro, and Garlic Chives. Ooo and Basil! <3

  7. Dinner! Vegetable Sukiyaki Soup

  8. I just got back from Mexico and I’m going through a thousand photos!!!! Here’s some favorites so far. I love Mexican food!!!!!!!!! Papaya y granola, Tomatillos, Pina, Pozole, and a sugar cane press for fresh Mojitos!!!! More on the way…

  9. Just a simple salad, it was lovely :))))))))

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  11. Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Recipe


    Here’s that recipe for you! Couldn’t find your message sorry! :) p.s.¬†add coarse sea salt to taste! Yum!

  12. Buckwheat waffle, with blackberry compote and maple syrup!!!

  13. I almost fell over when I saw these

  14. Hawaiian Pizza, my fav from Pizza Picasso. Not shown in the photo, ranch dressing for dipping! I’m still trying to figure out how to catch the light in low light situations with my new camera and it’s really challenging, but I love a challenge!!!! :D

  15. I love that my martini came in one of these vintage champagne glasses. The dessert is a gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting. At the Shoo-Fly Diner in Baltimore :)