1. I almost fell over when I saw these

  2. Hawaiian Pizza, my fav from Pizza Picasso. Not shown in the photo, ranch dressing for dipping! I’m still trying to figure out how to catch the light in low light situations with my new camera and it’s really challenging, but I love a challenge!!!! :D

  3. I love that my martini came in one of these vintage champagne glasses. The dessert is a gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting. At the Shoo-Fly Diner in Baltimore :)

  4. Um, yes please.  At Indian Gardens in Oak Creek Canyon

  5. Reminiscing* so. freaking. delicious. 

  6. Dang I wish I still had some of these. Chocolate chip oatmeal.


  7. vaudevillellain:


    Dudes! where did you all come from!!!!!?? I’m both confused and super happy. I love you guys!!! Thanks for following me!!

    You got featured, bro!  Congrats!

    Thanks hon! I’m a girl btw. A lot of people think I’m a guy. My name is Luna, nice to meet you!


  8. Dudes! where did you all come from!!!!!?? I’m both confused and super happy. I love you guys!!! Thanks for following me!!

  9. I had dinner at my favorite restaurant tonight courtesy of my sister, and it was magnificent!!! Lots of love to you and a happy weekend! XO

  11. Drool* The Vitamin B Burger from Diablo Burger in Flagstaff. Blue Cheese, beets, and bacon on a bed of fries.

  12. Making cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip!

  13. lunasteiner:


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  14. Hey guys! I thought I’d post my first tutorial here for these amazing Almond Balls. I’m eating low sugar lately and these are my go to when I get those super sugar cravings. These are sugar, gluten, dairy and wheat free. They are SOOOOO delicious and nutritious !!!!! Anyway here goes :D

    16 oz’s Almond butter (Unrefrigerated, drain oil if present)

    3 Tbsps. Unsweetened cocoa powder

    4-6 Tbsps. Hemp seeds

    2-3 Tbsps. Organic raw honey

    optional: 1/2-1 tbsp Organic coconut oil, yum!

    Sea salt to taste!

    Combine everything in a bowl, mix with hands. It’s easier and more fun! After well mixed, portion and roll out balls. There are so many variations to this recipe! Add maca powder for an extra boost, or roll balls in coconut flakes for some extra coco-nutty goodness.

    Lots of love! Enjoy!

  15. Guys!!!! I had one of my top five meals of all time this weekend in Breckenridge, CO at Ember. It was absolutely divine. From the top a Moscow mule, Papadum, Venison with lotus chips and a yuzu blueberry coulis, a simple salad, and shrimp with corn grits and tater tots on a sriracha marinara sauce. YUM!!!